Intranet Login UI/UX
New sign-in experience from Office 365 / Sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint and Office365 are introducing a new User Experience Login process.

The main change is the pagination of the Microsoft / Sharepoint sign-in page
​​​​​​​The new design prompts you to enter your username on the first screen followed by a credential (typically a password) on a second screen. Microsoft has done a lot of testing of this design, and their telemetry shows that people can sign in with a notably higher success rate using this approach. It also sets us up to be able to quickly introduce new forms of authentication like phone sign-in and certificate-based authentication.

Interactive Prototype
Complex Website Structure
Quick menu proposal and experimental UI/UX base on a three-level methodology to study and discuss how to organise a very sophisticated website structure more efficiently.
Interactive Prototype
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