App: The SourDough process with daily instructions
codename: Doughotchi
App Concept
This app will offer a gamified/step-by-step way to start up your sourdough or to follow up your existing one.

Sourdough is used to bake sourdough bread which has better inherent qualities that other bread and could be produced at home.
Using a combination of push notifications and daily follow-up info will help users to maintain and control your sourdough with the best quality in a more playful and straightforward experience by taking some elements from the Tamagotchi user experience to support in this case a biological component alive and well.

This app it’s intended for bread makers and people who enjoy a simple and minimalist lifestyle. As well, people who love organic and homemade produce. Some users from these four groups are not very analytical or follow structures or complex instruction for many days in a row. This app will help this public to reach a nice sourdough and get much info and advise in a sequence that make it more comfortable to follow by offering a biological/mascot like experience to maintain the engagement throughout time.

* It’s a free initial app with a premium one to follow other things like temperatures, recipes, groups and communities.
Interaction / Sitemap
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App Prototype
Wireframe Structure
Wireframe Structure - Closeup
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